This morning before leaving for Rhett’s 9 month well-visit to the doctor’s office, Elle spotted her favorite neighbor friend playing outside. She rushed up to me and said, “Look! Look who’s outside!!” very eager to get out there and play.

I looked out the window and said, “Oh yeah! Ellie and Daric are out there.” Then I saw Chloe riding her bike and since Chloe goes to preschool, I said, “And Chloe! She must be playing hookie.” Elle anxious to play with Chloe hurriedly blurted out, “I know how to play that!! Can I go play with her!?!”

We ended up getting to Rhett’s appointment a little late, but Elle did get to play with Chloe for a few minutes. As for Rhett’s doctor appointment, he is doing very well. He is 19lb 13oz and 28inches long. He’s just under 50th percentile for weight and length, and he’s 60th percentile for head circumference. 🙂 Rhett is getting pretty fast with his army crawl, but still not up on his hand and knees to crawl just yet. He’s been tucking his knees under himself lately, so I know it’s not far off.

After Rhett’s doctor appointment, Ted drove by his old main office to drop off a check for the kids’ insurance premium and Elle asked Ted questions about the place. She said, “Is this your new job?” He told her it was his old one and then she asked, “Why did you get a new job?” He told her he needed to make more money so we could do things like go to Chicago. Then Elle added, “And have someone mow the lawn?”

Which brings us to other news. Ted is no longer with Sitterle Homes. After being a part of the Sitterle team for a little over a year, we felt that a move was necessary. Not because of the people or the product, but because we simply are not making enough money. Ted has moved to Gehan Homes where the price range is lower so it will attract a larger audience and they build their houses in four months (as opposed to Sitterle’s 7 months). We are looking forward to the move and hope that Ted can do what he does best and make this year a little bit easier on us.