New Beginnings

So sadly the fortune cookie that I got last year that said that I will move into a new home by the end of the year was wrong. :\ The good news is that we are not giving up easily. We are putting our house back on the market for a third time. It looks like with the market the way it is right now that we will have to sell for pretty much rock bottom price just to unload it. The other good news is that we will be buying at a really low price when we do.

Rhett and I started the year off with colds. I thought I was having major allergies to the record-breaking mountain cedar pollen we had recently, but it actually was a cold. I think Elle is starting to come down with it as are my brother-in-law, my nephew, and my sister.

So in addition to a cold, I found out today that I have folliculitis. I have these small bumps around my ear and hairline by my neck that are swelling and very painful. I have been put on antibiotics since my doctor believes it is a bacterial infection. All I know is that it is very painful and I have never heard of this condition before today.

Our projects for the this week are to pack up some of the belongings that we no longer use to help make the house more presentable for showings and for me to get back to the doctor’s office to get tested for allergic reactions to dog dander. I’ve been getting hives whenever I touch Gunner, not fun.

In kid news, we set up a play area for the kids in what used to be the dining room. It’s the only area of the house that Gunner is absolutely not allowed. Up until we created this room, I had expressed my frustration in the fact that we cannot set Rhett down on the floor and let him explore and develop his motor skills because of all the dog hair that our vacuum is incapable of removing from the carpet. Side note: I have to brush my hand over every inch of carpet that we have in order to pick up all the dog hair and I have to do this almost daily. Anyhow, Rhett and Elle really enjoy playing in this area of the house dedicated to them and I’m happy that Rhett gets to sit on the floor to play with his toys and explore.

New year’s resolution: to update this thing at least once a week. Wish me luck!