Brackenridge Park Train

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Becoming the Big Sister

Rhett and I had a lunch date with my belly buddy, Brandi and her little girl Taylor. We had the same exact due date of July 15th and  the same doctor. Rhett ended up coming July 6th and Taylor came early as well on July 10th. We had lunch at StoneWerks at the Rim and then stocked up on baby supplies at Babies R Us.

I picked Elle up early from daycare so that we could spend a little extra time together. We went to Target and got her a little $10.00 baby doll because she’s been asking for one for her stroller. She LOVES her little baby. She spent about an hour changing her clothes, feeding her a bottle, and giving her a pacifier. She even went to bed with her tonight.

We’ve been having some trouble with Elle lately having accidents and just refusing to listen. These battles of wills end up with Elle crying seemingly every morning and every evening. We are trying to be understanding of her situation, but it seems like she takes advantage of us a lot also. We’re running out of ideas on how to discipline her to listen to us, but also to show her that we love and care about her.

Tonight she asked Ted if baby Rhett “gets” to sleep with us every night. It really breaks my heart. I guess we have a lot more explaining to do for her to understand all the changes. We did so much work prepping her for Rhett’s arrival, but didn’t explain how things would change.