Rhett Laughs!

So Ted and I have always been so happy that Rhett is such a mellow baby. If there is one thing I could change it’s that he’s soooo mellow that he hardly laughs, but I got him to last night and I finally caught it on video! Enjoy!

Watch here.


Open House at Ballet

This past Saturday it was open house at her dance academy and parents were allowed to watch their children during a typical class. I took a few snippets of video. Here’s a video of their warm ups. If you watch nothing else of this video, please watch at 3:30. HAHA. I LOVE the way she shakes her head when she’s saying, “Bye, balloon!”

Here’s one of the class practicing the first song they learned this season and then performing it. Sorry for the shakiness; I was holding Rhett while video taping. 🙂

First Rice Cereal

Elle’s first experience with solids left a thin layer of rice cereal on her bib, so I was prepared for the worst with Rhett with a heavy duty burp cloth as a bib. Rhett surprised us with his ability to swallow the rice cereal with ease. He was totally ready to start eating solids! I love how he ever so slightly raises his eyebrows with interest around 24 seconds.

Singing Cutie

Today was pretty uneventful. Elle had ballet and then we went to Grandma and Coco’s for the rest of the day. It was a nice relaxing day and I got to catch up on some sleep. This is a video shot from Ted’s cell phone of Elle singing along to a song on TV.