Forty Days of Facebook Fasting and Other Things

Yes, I gave up Facebook for Lent. I had a friend that did it last year and I was in awe. Not that I overly abuse Facebook compared to some people I know, but I use it enough to notice a difference. Today I deactivated my Facebook account (a day late, I know). For the most part I haven’t even thought about not being able to post things to share, but I have thought about what sales promotions may be going on from the pages I’m subscribed to, I’ve also had to resist the urge to look things up on Facebook. For example, the 40 Cans for Lent project has a Facebook page and I wanted to share it with friends and family to let them know that I’d be happy to deliver canned goods to my church if they had any that they could donate.

I have noticed a shift in my communication with some people. For example, I probably would have sent my friend a Facebook message to just chat, but instead had to text. I can see how Facebook allows us to take the shortcut of more impersonal methods of communicating, so maybe this little experiment will force me to write letters or to actually call people. I will keep you posted of any noticeable differences in my lifestyle or any moments that I just feel like only Facebook could provide an answer.

My decision to give up Facebook came from a great sermon at church on Ash Wednesday in which the Father said that Ash Wednesday is the day that people start their “diets” by saying I’m giving up chips/sweets/sodas for Lent. He called us to find something that would be a real sacrifice that would somehow bring us closer to God. A step away from the computer, my smart phone, and probably one of the biggest time-wasters in my life seemed like the best option. I’m guilty of wasting time on many other things, but Facebook is probably the biggest piece.

The other things I am attempting this Lenten season are giving up sweets (which is that diet that the priest mentioned) and buying things that are not necessities. This is going to be a very hard one for me because I LOVE looking at and buying things. I’m already facing a dilemma: I have a company awards banquet to attend and I’m finding it very hard to not categorize a new dress into the necessity category. My attempt to give up buying things that are not necessities is a way for me to sacrifice the material things and focus on the things that are required for living, not just living comfortably or conveniently. Like I said, this one will be VERY hard, but cutting Facebook out removes one of my sources of temptation for shopping. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and revelations.