And the Day is Here

“I know everything.” -Elle

The first time ever she has said what she’s been thinking all along.


Where Have We Been??

Busy sums it up just about right. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to:

June 18th: Elle had her first ever ballet recital at Reagan High School’s Auditorium. She wants to go back to ballet already.

June 19th: Father’s Day. We spent the day with Ted shopping and playing at Kiddie Park.

June 25th: Elle and I went on a date to see Pinaklicious, just us girls with our girlfriends, Fawn and Tangie. It was great spending time with my first baby.

June 26th: We drove to Boerne early in the morning to meet Nana for a belated birthday breakfast.

And ongoing in the month of June, I was planning and shopping for Rhett’s first birthday party which we celebrated a little early on July 3rd.

The birthday party threw Elle off for the day a bit. July 3rd marks the first day Elle went to bed for nap thinking it was nighttime. Except from Facebook, “I have been laughing about her confusion all evening. Reminds me of the time I woke up from a nap freaking out and asking my parents to take me to school only to find out the sun was setting, not rising. Lol”

July 4th: low key bbq at my parents’ house.

July 5th: Ted and I drove up to Austin to see Rocky Votolato, one of our favorite musicians.

July 7th: Rhett had his one year check-up with some shots. 😦 He cried a lot more than Elle did. Elle would cry when the shots happened and as soon as they were done and I held her, she would stop. When I held Rhett, he just kept wailing and even after he calmed down he was still milking it. :/ Rhett weighed 21lbs 1oz and is in the 25th percentile for weight. I was alarmed, but the doctor wasn’t worried. She explained that he’s burning everything he is eating. He also measured in at 30 inches in length and is in the 60th percentile for height, so he’s right about average.

Here are some memorable quotes from Elle:

‎”We want to keep him around for a lot of days.” -Elle, on warning me to not roll the windows up on Rhett’s fingers. 6/14

‎”I don’t want to go ANYWHERE where there’s records!!” —Elle who’s apparently tired of record hunting with Ted. 6/17

‎”I’m allergic to the breakfast Daddy made me.” —E. Ted says she doesn’t even know what allergic means. Elle shouts, “It means it makes you SICK!” 6/22

“Those ants will not bite me because they know who’s boss.” —E 6/22

‎”I’m hearing the joyous sound of song.” —E‎ 6/25

Rhett hands Elle his pacifier and Elle says matter-of-factly, “Sorry. I am not a baby.” 6/27

Elle: I can see HEB from here!
Me: that’s cool!
Elle: that’s because I have far away eyes. 7/11

“Mom! There’s like 25 miles of soap on the bathroom [floor]. ugh! alright. who did this? who ruined my bathroom?” 7/19

“You’re not listening to me, you fool!” 7/19

Lastly, in the last three days, Rhett’s front teeth have started pushing through even more so it actually looks like he has teeth. He gets mad when we stop brushing his teeth and is so calm and relaxed when we are brushing. 🙂

Oral Surgery

Tomorrow morning I have oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed – finally. I was supposed to schedule it after Rhett was born, but life has been so hectic since then. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. I’m really hoping I have a high pain tolerance with this.

In other news, Rhett has become so much more vocal and mobile. He is crawling SO fast now. This past weekend, I spent a majority of the time spent doing housework stopping every 10 to 30 seconds to move him back to a safer location or to remove something from his mouth. Everything goes in his mouth. He also will not sit still for a diaper change anymore. He claps, loves to play with any kind of ball, scrunches up his shoulders with a huge smile on his face, nods yes, shakes his head no when he starts eating, can tell us when he is done eating, and follows me around the house like a puppy. He really is at such a cute age. I wish I could stay home and play with him all day.

Elle is getting very excited about her ballet recital. Her instructor has been telling her class a lot about it and preparing them for it as well. We had photos taken on Sunday. She had a swollen eye due to a bite, but I think they came out great. We placed the order today, so keep an eye out for a treat in the mail.

Elle is still constantly cracking us up with her silliness and logic. Tonight when I was trying to bribe her with nail polish to try a slice olive or a mushroom, she said, “I will eat those when I’m older, okay?” She still expected her nails painted. haha.

Ted has been on a diet for about a month now. He and his partner at work are having a competition to see who can lose the most weight. All the years that I’ve been married to him, I’ve encouraged him to make healthier choices in his diet, learn portion control, and also not load up on the main course while forgoing the essentials like vegetables and fruit. Almost five years and all it took was about one month with his sales partner engaging him in a competition for him to finally take his own initiative to eat healthier. Annoyed

Sorry I’ve been slacking on pictures. As always, most of them are on Facebook. We have our video camera back, so you may start to see more snippets of the kids.

Elle’s New Word

So there’s no question that Elle’s favorite word is “actually.” She has also picked up a new word that is too cute. Today when we went to Grandma and Coco’s she saw Hayden and was wearing a new Barbie cheerleader costume; she asked him, “Do you like my dress? Isn’t it stunning.” She started saying it last night with Ted about something else. I love the words she chooses; they always have to be so fancy.


This morning before leaving for Rhett’s 9 month well-visit to the doctor’s office, Elle spotted her favorite neighbor friend playing outside. She rushed up to me and said, “Look! Look who’s outside!!” very eager to get out there and play.

I looked out the window and said, “Oh yeah! Ellie and Daric are out there.” Then I saw Chloe riding her bike and since Chloe goes to preschool, I said, “And Chloe! She must be playing hookie.” Elle anxious to play with Chloe hurriedly blurted out, “I know how to play that!! Can I go play with her!?!”

We ended up getting to Rhett’s appointment a little late, but Elle did get to play with Chloe for a few minutes. As for Rhett’s doctor appointment, he is doing very well. He is 19lb 13oz and 28inches long. He’s just under 50th percentile for weight and length, and he’s 60th percentile for head circumference. 🙂 Rhett is getting pretty fast with his army crawl, but still not up on his hand and knees to crawl just yet. He’s been tucking his knees under himself lately, so I know it’s not far off.

After Rhett’s doctor appointment, Ted drove by his old main office to drop off a check for the kids’ insurance premium and Elle asked Ted questions about the place. She said, “Is this your new job?” He told her it was his old one and then she asked, “Why did you get a new job?” He told her he needed to make more money so we could do things like go to Chicago. Then Elle added, “And have someone mow the lawn?”

Which brings us to other news. Ted is no longer with Sitterle Homes. After being a part of the Sitterle team for a little over a year, we felt that a move was necessary. Not because of the people or the product, but because we simply are not making enough money. Ted has moved to Gehan Homes where the price range is lower so it will attract a larger audience and they build their houses in four months (as opposed to Sitterle’s 7 months). We are looking forward to the move and hope that Ted can do what he does best and make this year a little bit easier on us.