While driving around looking at Christmas lights in our neighborhood Elle said, “That house is yowsa, right?” Meaning, those lights are crazy! Haha. Love her!


Independence Day

Today Ted and I dropped Elle of with my sister’s family so she could spend time with Hayden and so that Ted and I could drive up to IKEA and get some furniture to do some rearranging in our house for the new baby.

I had already driven up to IKEA with Elle on June 26th when we realized we were late to my college friend’s wedding because of horrendous traffic. During that trip, I picked up a new mattress for Elle, a storage unit for her toys, a dresser for Rhett, and a toy chest for them to share.

This trip to IKEA, Ted and I did a little shopping around for a new entertainment center and a new couch, both items we didn’t actually purchase because we needed a larger vehicle to transport them back home and because we need to do some more debt paying and more saving. We definitely know what we would like when we do have the money though and we’re very excited about redoing the living room.

Some things we did pick up were another storage unit for Rhett’s room, just like the one I had picked out for Elle; a desk to move my computer equipment from the dining room table, which we are moving to the garage; a chair for the desk, and we exchanged the mattress that I had previously purchased for Elle’s bed because the one I picked up was for a crib, not a toddler bed. Oops!

After our trip to IKEA, we went to my brother’s house for a little Fourth of July get together where we had great food prepared by my brother’s girlfriend, Brittney. We spent a couple of hours there while the kids and dogs played like crazy and the adults relaxed. 🙂

As soon as we got home, it was all work. I put together the chair, desk, and hutch that came with it (no easy task when also watching/entertaining Elle) while Ted completely cleaned, rearranged, and consolidated the contents of the garage. His shirt was totally drenched by the time he was done because of the humidity and all the heavy-lift he did. The garage looks great now and I’m hoping it stays as organized as he’s made it.

So things we have to look forward to making room for baby are: moving the dining room table and chairs into the garage; moving the treadmill and couch out of the extra room into the dining room; and finally, assembling and arranging three pieces of furniture (crib, storage unit, and dresser) for Rhett’s room. After all of that, he is more than welcome to make his debut.

In the meantime, Ted and I are taking a well-deserved rest for the rest of the night and listening to the neighbors pop fireworks. Happy Independence Day to all!