Easter Egg Hunts and Nosebleeds

We had a full eventful day yesterday that started before the sun rose. Ted and I woke up at 5:30am with only about four hours of sleep. We waited until the last possible moment to wake the kids for 7:15am Mass in our effort to avoid a super crowded Easter service at our usual 9:00am Mass. It was perfect and the children were surprisingly well-behaved for skipping breakfast, but we have Squinkies to thank for occupying their normal terrorizing behavior. We made it through Mass with two tantrums, several thrown toys, and most of our sanity (and the service only lasted an hour).

Before Mass we learned that our newest nephew was born at 4am. So after grabbing breakfast, we headed to the hospital to check him out. We waited with the kids, and an hour was all we could handle with children that were quickly approaching nap time (and we didn’t even get to see the little guy).

We loaded the kids into the car where Rhett took the infamous car power nap on the drive home the hospital, an accomplishment that renders the designated nap time futile and gives him enough energy to run circles around his exhausted parents

We got the children out of their church clothes and headed over to the neighbor’s for the first Easter egg hunt of the day. The kids ran wild for eggs for a while then feasted on cookies and sugary drinks before entering meltdown mode when things failed to go their way while playing with the other neighborhood children.

We made our way back home to settle the children down for nap. Rhett refused to nap and instead plated quietly in his crib for about an hour before Ted finally gave up his hopes for a nap. He was gracious enough to allow me a few extra minutes to try and get some sleep, but as anyone knows, it is impossible for a mother to sleep with the sound of children shouting/squealing. Eventually, I got up to ice the chocolate sunflower cake I was making out of peeps and a chocolate frosting (I saw it on Pinterest) to bring to my parents’ house.

We packed up and headed across town. The kids enjoyed a second Easter egg hunt in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard where Rhett had really gotten the hang of it since it was third one he’s participated in this year. He even started hiding some of the eggs afterward.

Dinner rounded out our day which was then followed by a long drive home, late baths, and even later bedtimes. It was such an enjoyable day maximizing our time with our children despite the challenges we endured. As much as they exhaust me the reward of their love exceeds it.

Elle experienced her first nosebleed ever. She complained of her nose feeling stuffy before heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s. About an hour after getting her to bed, she came to my room slightly alarmed but more confused than anything and covered with blood on her pajamas, arms, face, and hands. I later found out it was all over her pillow and sheets too. So while trying to mask my alarm at all the blood, I matter-of-factly explained she had a nosebleed and cleaned her up and coached her though getting it to stop.

We changed out her bedding and changed her clothes after getting to stop bleeding. I was very proud of her for not freaking out about the blood. I guess she didn’t realize it was blood because she later said she thought it was brown when she was in her dark room. She had so many questions about how many times it would happen, why it happens, if it would happen again, if it ever happened to me, and concerned for her cousin saying, “I hope Hayden never had a nosebleed.”

I’m also proud of myself for handling it on my own without panicking or expressing alarm at the first sight of her since I was trying not to startle or frighten her. It is not one of those types of milestones that are generally documented, but it was definitely memorable.


Word Play

Rhett’s vocabulary lately:

Uh oh!
Bye – sounds more like buh
No – his favorite answer to EVERYTHING.
Up – another favorite
Ba-ba – for his nightly bottle
Cool – Ted’s been teaching him this one, but I don’t think he understands the meaning.
Want some? – says it just like Grandma “wan-chum”
More – just like Elle used to, “mo, mo, mo, mo, mo?”
and of course Coco, every grandchild’s favorite.

Words I’m surprised he hasn’t picked up because of the frequency that they are used: monkey, blankie, and paci.

It’s so amazing watching him be more secure with his footing and it’s very apparent that he’s trying to get everywhere as quickly as possible. Yesterday the whole family spent some time outdoors with the neighbors (the first cool evening of the summer/fall). We let Rhett walk around freely and he was so happy just toddling around the driveway, sidewalks, and other neighbors’ driveways. His little cheeks got a little red, but he so enjoyed the freedom.

Elle, on the other hand, is playing around with the idea of rhyming words. She asks Ted and me random, “Do you know what rhymes with ___?” questions and has a lot of fun thinking up words; some of the words are even made up, but they do indeed rhyme. She’s able to recognize a few more letters–R, N, I, S, and F–and she loves when we go places and I ask her to tell me what letters she sees on the big store signs. She is also loving Sesame Street when she didn’t have much of an interest before. I think she likes it more because of the letter of the day.

While the children still aren’t able to play well together, I’m still hopeful for the day. Right now, Elle makes so many attempts to love on and have fun with Rhett, but it seems he sees her as more of a nuisance at this point. I’m sure once he get’s past the independent play stage that he’ll appreciate her much more. Although, Elle does have an adorable sign on her door that says for Rhett to keep out. I’ll have to take a picture and post it tonight.

Infrequent, I Know

I wanted to update this blog more regularly with things going on in our lives, but I’ve learned that life is very hectic with two children. The only down time we have is when the children are sleeping and I’m usually ready to go to bed right after they do. Tonight is a rare night.

This past weekend, I took Rhett and Elle to Sea World and let them splash in the Bay of Play area. They loved it and it was a nice way to enjoy the hot summer day. After playing in that little area, I took them around the lazy river one time and then planned on taking them to the toddler area only to find that it was under construction for a new water park. So we all walk down the long and winding handicap accessible path (for the stroller) and by the time we get to the wave pool, Rhett has fallen fast asleep.

Poor Elle really wanted to be in a pool, but we had to turn right back around and walk all the way back to the car to head home. She was really good and didn’t even complain about a) not getting to go into the small pool, b) having to walk all the way back to the car (in fact, she was optimistic and said she was getting her exercise), and c) how hot it was.

Elle is enjoying dance; this year we have her in ballet and Mexican Folkoric. I also started a Facebook page – called Elle, Oh Elle – of all her little quotes by request and also because it was starting to take over all my status updates. I’ve been teaching her letter recognition and we’re also introducing letter sounds. Once Rhett is asleep, she and I work in a workbook given to her by her cousin Hayden. She really loves learning and all the practice writing her letters. She can identify and write: A, C, D, E, F, J, L, X, & Z so far. Elle also LOVES drawing lately. It’s pretty much completely replaced dress-up, Barbies, miniature princess, miniature Strawberry Shortcake, and Rapunzel play-time. She draws every day and I enjoy seeing all of her creations. I will need to start posting more of those.

Rhett started walking August 18th and since then he’s been practicing more and more. He’s doing really well these days. Even when he falls down, he picks himself right back up and tries again. I love it. His poor little thighs must be so sore from all the squatting he’s been doing trying to sit down and stand. He has all four teeth exposed on top finally, happened about a month ago. He says: catch, throw, ball, uh oh, hello, bye bye, vroom vroom, mama, dada, Elle, shhhh, no no, and Coco (Grandpa V). He’s trying to communicate a lot more and REALLY loves his bed time stories. He also loves just sitting quietly and looking at the pictures in books.

Where Have We Been??

Busy sums it up just about right. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to:

June 18th: Elle had her first ever ballet recital at Reagan High School’s Auditorium. She wants to go back to ballet already.

June 19th: Father’s Day. We spent the day with Ted shopping and playing at Kiddie Park.

June 25th: Elle and I went on a date to see Pinaklicious, just us girls with our girlfriends, Fawn and Tangie. It was great spending time with my first baby.

June 26th: We drove to Boerne early in the morning to meet Nana for a belated birthday breakfast.

And ongoing in the month of June, I was planning and shopping for Rhett’s first birthday party which we celebrated a little early on July 3rd.

The birthday party threw Elle off for the day a bit. July 3rd marks the first day Elle went to bed for nap thinking it was nighttime. Except from Facebook, “I have been laughing about her confusion all evening. Reminds me of the time I woke up from a nap freaking out and asking my parents to take me to school only to find out the sun was setting, not rising. Lol”

July 4th: low key bbq at my parents’ house.

July 5th: Ted and I drove up to Austin to see Rocky Votolato, one of our favorite musicians.

July 7th: Rhett had his one year check-up with some shots. 😦 He cried a lot more than Elle did. Elle would cry when the shots happened and as soon as they were done and I held her, she would stop. When I held Rhett, he just kept wailing and even after he calmed down he was still milking it. :/ Rhett weighed 21lbs 1oz and is in the 25th percentile for weight. I was alarmed, but the doctor wasn’t worried. She explained that he’s burning everything he is eating. He also measured in at 30 inches in length and is in the 60th percentile for height, so he’s right about average.

Here are some memorable quotes from Elle:

‎”We want to keep him around for a lot of days.” -Elle, on warning me to not roll the windows up on Rhett’s fingers. 6/14

‎”I don’t want to go ANYWHERE where there’s records!!” —Elle who’s apparently tired of record hunting with Ted. 6/17

‎”I’m allergic to the breakfast Daddy made me.” —E. Ted says she doesn’t even know what allergic means. Elle shouts, “It means it makes you SICK!” 6/22

“Those ants will not bite me because they know who’s boss.” —E 6/22

‎”I’m hearing the joyous sound of song.” —E‎ 6/25

Rhett hands Elle his pacifier and Elle says matter-of-factly, “Sorry. I am not a baby.” 6/27

Elle: I can see HEB from here!
Me: that’s cool!
Elle: that’s because I have far away eyes. 7/11

“Mom! There’s like 25 miles of soap on the bathroom [floor]. ugh! alright. who did this? who ruined my bathroom?” 7/19

“You’re not listening to me, you fool!” 7/19

Lastly, in the last three days, Rhett’s front teeth have started pushing through even more so it actually looks like he has teeth. He gets mad when we stop brushing his teeth and is so calm and relaxed when we are brushing. 🙂

Rhett’s Third Tooth

Rhett is getting a third tooth. This time the one next to his bottom left. 🙂 It seems like his teeth are coming in much slower than Elle’s. I didn’t document her teeth coming in, but I feel like she had a lot more teeth at ten months old.

Rhett is Advancing Rapidly!

So recently Rhett finally decided to start crawling on his hands and knees and although he has known how to do this, he has preferred the Army low crawl to the actual crawl. Well, that was until yesterday. So here’s the advancements  Rhett has made in his mobility in the last two days:

  • He’s started crawling on his hands and knees a little more yesterday.
  • He’s PULLING himself up to a standing position today!
  • AND he’s now awkwardly CRUISING along things. TODAY.

This little boy will be walking before I know it. Elle was excited to see Rhett’s new capabilities and I joked with her that they would be chasing each other around the house in no time. She seemed to like that idea a lot. I can’t believe how fast our babies are growing up!