Meal Planning

Ted and I have started an attempt at a slightly organized chaos in the house. We have started meal planning which helps us create a menu for the week as well as a grocery shopping list for all the ingredients we need. We are in our second week and since the inception of our meal planning and we’ve created quite a variety of dishes such as:

  • Orange chicken
  • Rosemary, garlic, and lemon chicken & potatoes
  • Salmon burger patties
  • Baked potato wedges
  • Slow cooker lasagna
  • Turkey chili
  • Bread pudding
  • Enchilada casserole
  • Chicken pot pie

It’s so great to have a home-cooked meal for dinner on a weeknight. After Rhett was born and before we started meal-planning Ted and I would come home and heat something up – leftovers from the weekend or just pour ourselves a bowl of cereal. haha. However, I started feeling like this wasn’t a good example for the kids so with the help of Pinterest, I compiled a pin board of quick and simple recipes that Ted and I could make during the week. After that, a menu was created and a grocery list made. I’m trying to keep the recipes I choose as healthy as possible, but we shall see if the result of home-cooking is good or bad for our waistline. Fingers crossed