The Hip Bone’s Connected to the Leg Bone

This morning after waking up, Elle asked me with the utmost seriousness, “Mommy, do I have bones inside me?” SOO cute! So Ted is taking her to the library today to check out books about bones.



While driving around looking at Christmas lights in our neighborhood Elle said, “That house is yowsa, right?” Meaning, those lights are crazy! Haha. Love her!

How They Grow

Rhett’s turned five months old two days ago.  He is able to roll onto his side, but not completely over without a little nudge. I think it has something to do with what a little meatball he is. 🙂  He has, however, mastered locating his boy parts during bath time. I always figured that it started pretty early with boys, but never imagined that it would occur at only five months.

Elle is still such a chatacter. Tonight Ted was getting the leash to take Gunner for a walk and Elle opened the door to her room and stated (not a hint of a question as if to ask for permission), “I’m going to go on the walks with Gunner now,” nodding her head the whole time. She has not been allowed on walks with Gunner because we didn’t think she would be able to keep up and his walk is usually done at her bedtime. To emphasize her seriousness, she demanded Ted to wait while she put her shoes on. Ted and I just looked at each other and laughed at her little bout of bossiness. We know we have a huge challenge ahead of us during her teenage years…

Home, Sweet Home

We went to Nana’s house last night for dinner and to pick up her old DVD player. Apparently DVD players only last about a year when your child uses it an average of 1.5 hours every single day. Elle burned out our old one and Nana got a new one with her new TV and Nana was gracious enough to give us her old working DVD player.

The following conversation (one of many) resulted from our visit.

Elle: Are you my daddy’s mommy?

Nana: Yes.

Silence for a few seconds.

Elle: He lives with me now.


Elle got our of bed this morning while I was in the shower and Ted was in the kitchen taking care of Rhett. She walked into the kitchen and said, “What’s going on in here?”

On their drive to my office today (I forgot bottles to pump milk), Elle tells Ted that he made her sad today. Ted asked why and Elle replied, “Because you made me rush after you got out of the shower and I didn’t have time to do my chores and clean up my room.”

You Better Hurry Up

Tonight before story time, Elle told Ted, “You better hurry up or I’m not going to let you read me a story!”

All because Ted told her, “You better hurry up or I’m not reading you a story.” When she had heard this too many times she also told him, “I’ve had enough of this!”

I Told You!

One morning Ted was pouring Elle a cup of apple juice for breakfast and she said she wanted more. Ted told her that if he put too much in her cup she might spill it. Elle insisted on more, so Ted gave just a little bit more.

Sure enough, Elle knocked some of the juice out and Ted and I gave her a look that said, “We told you so,” and without missing a beat, Elle shouted at Ted, “I told you not to give me too much!”