Easter Egg Hunts and Nosebleeds

We had a full eventful day yesterday that started before the sun rose. Ted and I woke up at 5:30am with only about four hours of sleep. We waited until the last possible moment to wake the kids for 7:15am Mass in our effort to avoid a super crowded Easter service at our usual 9:00am Mass. It was perfect and the children were surprisingly well-behaved for skipping breakfast, but we have Squinkies to thank for occupying their normal terrorizing behavior. We made it through Mass with two tantrums, several thrown toys, and most of our sanity (and the service only lasted an hour).

Before Mass we learned that our newest nephew was born at 4am. So after grabbing breakfast, we headed to the hospital to check him out. We waited with the kids, and an hour was all we could handle with children that were quickly approaching nap time (and we didn’t even get to see the little guy).

We loaded the kids into the car where Rhett took the infamous car power nap on the drive home the hospital, an accomplishment that renders the designated nap time futile and gives him enough energy to run circles around his exhausted parents

We got the children out of their church clothes and headed over to the neighbor’s for the first Easter egg hunt of the day. The kids ran wild for eggs for a while then feasted on cookies and sugary drinks before entering meltdown mode when things failed to go their way while playing with the other neighborhood children.

We made our way back home to settle the children down for nap. Rhett refused to nap and instead plated quietly in his crib for about an hour before Ted finally gave up his hopes for a nap. He was gracious enough to allow me a few extra minutes to try and get some sleep, but as anyone knows, it is impossible for a mother to sleep with the sound of children shouting/squealing. Eventually, I got up to ice the chocolate sunflower cake I was making out of peeps and a chocolate frosting (I saw it on Pinterest) to bring to my parents’ house.

We packed up and headed across town. The kids enjoyed a second Easter egg hunt in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard where Rhett had really gotten the hang of it since it was third one he’s participated in this year. He even started hiding some of the eggs afterward.

Dinner rounded out our day which was then followed by a long drive home, late baths, and even later bedtimes. It was such an enjoyable day maximizing our time with our children despite the challenges we endured. As much as they exhaust me the reward of their love exceeds it.

Elle experienced her first nosebleed ever. She complained of her nose feeling stuffy before heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s. About an hour after getting her to bed, she came to my room slightly alarmed but more confused than anything and covered with blood on her pajamas, arms, face, and hands. I later found out it was all over her pillow and sheets too. So while trying to mask my alarm at all the blood, I matter-of-factly explained she had a nosebleed and cleaned her up and coached her though getting it to stop.

We changed out her bedding and changed her clothes after getting to stop bleeding. I was very proud of her for not freaking out about the blood. I guess she didn’t realize it was blood because she later said she thought it was brown when she was in her dark room. She had so many questions about how many times it would happen, why it happens, if it would happen again, if it ever happened to me, and concerned for her cousin saying, “I hope Hayden never had a nosebleed.”

I’m also proud of myself for handling it on my own without panicking or expressing alarm at the first sight of her since I was trying not to startle or frighten her. It is not one of those types of milestones that are generally documented, but it was definitely memorable.


-AT, Learning to Read

Tonight I started the Kindergarten Level 1 Hooked on Phonics series with Elle. She can now read -at words. It is so amazing to watch her figure out the words on her own. The best part is seeing how excited and proud she is to show us that she can read.

When I showed her the short 6-page book that she would be able to read at the end of the first unit, she jumped up and down around the room and exclaiming that it was going to be so exciting.

This is such an amazing age. The way her mind grows and learns is such an awesome thing to witness.

The Lost Tooth

Boy, am I glad I took that picture on Jan 25th! Elle lost her tooth the next evening while eating dinner. Not just lost, but literally lost. We are pretty sure she swallowed her first loose baby tooth. I was so sad. Elle, on the other hand, was so excited about losing her tooth. She cavorted around the house, showed her baby brother her new grin getting about an inch away from his face, and even let out an exuberant, “YEEEEEE HAWWWW!” Rhett then mimicked his sister by proudly walking around the house, chin up and chest out, with a huge toothy smile. It was a pretty fun night in our house.

This is the happy little girl. The new running joke in the house is garlic bread solves loose tooth problems. 🙂

Post celebration, Elle wanted to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened to her tooth and why she didn’t have a tooth to put under her pillow. So she had me cut a tiny piece of paper and write what she wanted to say to the tooth fairy. I’ll have to post the photo of the letter, but for now here’s the box we used for the letter:

 Ted obviously has a silly sense of humor. It makes me laugh every time I read it and I’m sure Elle will think it’s hilarious when she learns to read and write (which is soon the next chapter in our lives – I bought Hooked on Phonics for Preschoolers).

So that night, the tooth fairy wrote a letter back to Elle telling her that kids swallow their teeth all the time. She also noted that she can tell that Elle takes really good care of her teeth and that she would be back to visit for her other teeth. The tooth fairy switched letters in the box and also left a golden dollar.

Elle happened to need a potty break in the middle of the night; she woke up and immediately checked the box. When I asked her if the tooth fairy had visited her yet, she said that her letter to the tooth fairy was still in the box. We double-checked after her potty break and she was almost too excited to go back to sleep after I read her the tooth fairy’s letter (twice). 🙂

Here is our note to the Tooth Fairy:

It breaks my heart how quickly she is growing up, but it’s also so awesome to watch her blossom into a little kid. The years go by way too fast and I wish we had more time to enjoy them.

Tooth Update

Two days ago I couldn’t watch Elle show me how loose her tooth was and tonight I’m helping her try to see the permanent tooth that’s underneath it. Yay for inurement!

Here’s a picture of Elle for her Tooth Fairy Tales book mentioned in my previous post.

I snapped the picture before loading the kids in the car this morning because I was worried that she would lose the tooth while at daycare. You can see her bottom right central incisor is sitting crooked. Yeah, it’s because the tooth is that loose.

Tooth Fairy Fun

Elle has a loose tooth; it’s been loose for a little over a week now and I have been in planning mode since seeing that little tooth wiggle. I’ve been having fun planning what exactly the tooth fairy will do in our home when Elle’s tooth finally comes out. I’ve had a lot of fun looking around on the internet to see what traditions other families have started and it’s so exciting to think that we will be starting a new tradition in our little family.

When I was growing up we left the tooth under the pillow and received 25 cents. Simple and sweet. I want to go the same route with my kiddos, but wanted to give them a little more preparation and a way to remember these special moments. I’m sure if my parents hadn’t been so busy making a living to provide the best for their three kids or if they were raised with American traditions that they would have done the same thing.

So here’s a little of what we are doing:

A cute little book about a night in the life of the tooth fairy:
We’ve read this book a few times and Elle absolutely loves it. There’s this one part of the book that has rules for kids to make it a little easier on the tooth fairy; she perks up at this part every time. She lists things like don’t put the tooth in a stinky sock and make sure to clean the tooth. I think that we are lucky in that Elle is still very young and is at the stage where rules are cool.

I also got Tooth Fairy Tales, a little journal to document the day the tooth was lost, how it was lost, and place photos of cute toothless grins.
It’s quite a bit of work, but I know that I would love to have something like this to see what kinds of things I thought about losing my teeth as a child. Sadly, I have a horrible memory and as the saying goes, “The faintest ink is better than the best memory.”

Lastly, we the Tooth Fairy is giving one gold coin ($1.00) per tooth. We wanted to make it more special than just the typical dollar bill and got the idea from my sister who read about it on Pinterest, I think.

Golden Dollars

We are now ready for the first five teeth. 🙂

I’d love to hear your family traditions or what you experienced growing up.

Lots to Report

Rhett started crawling in the last week (3/7/11). He isn’t crawling on all fours, but he is definitely mobile. He’s doing the army low crawl, but he is surprisingly good at it. He can get pretty much anywhere he wants. I watched him crawl all across the living room floor today. From the entertainment center to the couch, in the play room, in his room, in my room. It’s amazing how quickly children master these skills.

Yesterday (3/12/11) morning he waved bye with both hands and said “bah bah.” So “bye bye” is officially his first word. He has been babbling like crazy lately so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more words follow soon. Elle’s first word was mama around seven months of age. It’s funny how very different their first words are.

Friday night (3/11/11) after my company’s awards banquet was the first time that he ever reach his arms out for me. Ted and I came to pick up the children from Travis and Amber’s and he was totally happy with Amber’s mom, Brenda, but when he saw me he started crying and reaching. Talk about getting a ton of sympathy from mommy when he wasn’t even unhappy in the first place.

Elle has decided that she wants “to be a fashion designer when [she] grow[s] up.” This came about because I commented on how creative she is when it comes to dressing her dolls and making clothes for them out of paper. She also reinvents belts into necklaces or headbands. I said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you became a fashion designer.” Then she said,”Uh huh! I want to be a fashion designed when I grow up!” Then she ran to her daddy and exclaimed that she was going to be a fashion designer.” It’s too bad her name is already a name brand of clothing. 🙂

Elle had her first sleep over (1/23/11) at her cousins’ house. Amber said she did really well. She got a little sad but was a big girl. Elle was supposed to have another sleep over with them 3/11/11, but ended up calling us crying. 😦 It broke my heart that she was so sad.

I found out that I am officially allergic to dogs. My shingles were successfully treated and no one else in the house contracted it.

Ted is making a job move soon and we are praying that it’s the right move for us.

We are still working on selling the house. :\