Word Play

Rhett’s vocabulary lately:

Uh oh!
Bye – sounds more like buh
No – his favorite answer to EVERYTHING.
Up – another favorite
Ba-ba – for his nightly bottle
Cool – Ted’s been teaching him this one, but I don’t think he understands the meaning.
Want some? – says it just like Grandma “wan-chum”
More – just like Elle used to, “mo, mo, mo, mo, mo?”
and of course Coco, every grandchild’s favorite.

Words I’m surprised he hasn’t picked up because of the frequency that they are used: monkey, blankie, and paci.

It’s so amazing watching him be more secure with his footing and it’s very apparent that he’s trying to get everywhere as quickly as possible. Yesterday the whole family spent some time outdoors with the neighbors (the first cool evening of the summer/fall). We let Rhett walk around freely and he was so happy just toddling around the driveway, sidewalks, and other neighbors’ driveways. His little cheeks got a little red, but he so enjoyed the freedom.

Elle, on the other hand, is playing around with the idea of rhyming words. She asks Ted and me random, “Do you know what rhymes with ___?” questions and has a lot of fun thinking up words; some of the words are even made up, but they do indeed rhyme. She’s able to recognize a few more letters–R, N, I, S, and F–and she loves when we go places and I ask her to tell me what letters she sees on the big store signs. She is also loving Sesame Street when she didn’t have much of an interest before. I think she likes it more because of the letter of the day.

While the children still aren’t able to play well together, I’m still hopeful for the day. Right now, Elle makes so many attempts to love on and have fun with Rhett, but it seems he sees her as more of a nuisance at this point. I’m sure once he get’s past the independent play stage that he’ll appreciate her much more. Although, Elle does have an adorable sign on her door that says for Rhett to keep out. I’ll have to take a picture and post it tonight.


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