Where Have We Been??

Busy sums it up just about right. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to:

June 18th: Elle had her first ever ballet recital at Reagan High School’s Auditorium. She wants to go back to ballet already.

June 19th: Father’s Day. We spent the day with Ted shopping and playing at Kiddie Park.

June 25th: Elle and I went on a date to see Pinaklicious, just us girls with our girlfriends, Fawn and Tangie. It was great spending time with my first baby.

June 26th: We drove to Boerne early in the morning to meet Nana for a belated birthday breakfast.

And ongoing in the month of June, I was planning and shopping for Rhett’s first birthday party which we celebrated a little early on July 3rd.

The birthday party threw Elle off for the day a bit. July 3rd marks the first day Elle went to bed for nap thinking it was nighttime. Except from Facebook, “I have been laughing about her confusion all evening. Reminds me of the time I woke up from a nap freaking out and asking my parents to take me to school only to find out the sun was setting, not rising. Lol”

July 4th: low key bbq at my parents’ house.

July 5th: Ted and I drove up to Austin to see Rocky Votolato, one of our favorite musicians.

July 7th: Rhett had his one year check-up with some shots. 😦 He cried a lot more than Elle did. Elle would cry when the shots happened and as soon as they were done and I held her, she would stop. When I held Rhett, he just kept wailing and even after he calmed down he was still milking it. :/ Rhett weighed 21lbs 1oz and is in the 25th percentile for weight. I was alarmed, but the doctor wasn’t worried. She explained that he’s burning everything he is eating. He also measured in at 30 inches in length and is in the 60th percentile for height, so he’s right about average.

Here are some memorable quotes from Elle:

‎”We want to keep him around for a lot of days.” -Elle, on warning me to not roll the windows up on Rhett’s fingers. 6/14

‎”I don’t want to go ANYWHERE where there’s records!!” —Elle who’s apparently tired of record hunting with Ted. 6/17

‎”I’m allergic to the breakfast Daddy made me.” —E. Ted says she doesn’t even know what allergic means. Elle shouts, “It means it makes you SICK!” 6/22

“Those ants will not bite me because they know who’s boss.” —E 6/22

‎”I’m hearing the joyous sound of song.” —E‎ 6/25

Rhett hands Elle his pacifier and Elle says matter-of-factly, “Sorry. I am not a baby.” 6/27

Elle: I can see HEB from here!
Me: that’s cool!
Elle: that’s because I have far away eyes. 7/11

“Mom! There’s like 25 miles of soap on the bathroom [floor]. ugh! alright. who did this? who ruined my bathroom?” 7/19

“You’re not listening to me, you fool!” 7/19

Lastly, in the last three days, Rhett’s front teeth have started pushing through even more so it actually looks like he has teeth. He gets mad when we stop brushing his teeth and is so calm and relaxed when we are brushing. 🙂


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