Splashy, Splashy

I’ve been watching old videos and recording new ones as well. I’m so thankful my sister found our old camcorder because it has some videos of Rhett right after he was born and of his first bath. It’s amazing how tiny he looks. I’ll share those another time. Tonight, I wanted to share a video of Elle and Rhett splashing in the tub. I love when they have fun together.

Today is the second day since my wisdom teeth extractions. I’m experiencing a lot of pain in one of the extraction sites, but nothing in the others. I called my dentist today concerned that I may be developing an infection. He recommended that I do the salt water rinses more regularly and keep an eye on it. I should be watching for swelling, but I can’t really tell if there is any. I just know it hurts. Anyhow, if things don’t improve, he said to call back, but for now he doesn’t want to put me on antibiotics if I don’t need to be. I’m definitely hoping things improve!


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