Elle’s Ballet Photos

This past Sunday Elle had her ballet photos taken. Poor thing got bit on her right eye Friday night while playing with her cousin and Jayla in Hayden’s backyard. Sunday morning when she woke up, she could hardly open her eye; it was almost swollen shut. I debated taking her to her dance studio for her portraits and decided I would take her just for her ballet group photo, which was not taken. 😦 So we ended up getting her individual portrait taken as a definite back up.

In the meantime, we had her put ice on her eye for a while and then let it rest. On the drive to ballet, I had her hold the ice on her eye again for ten minutes and then let it rest. We were so lucky that her photo time slot was 11:40am. It gave her eye plenty of time for treatment and for the swelling to go down.

I dropped Rhett off at my parents’ house so it would be just Elle and me. We ran into a Walgreen’s and bought her some red lipstick (which she is going to need for her recital), blush, hair fasteners for her bun, and pomade to help slick her hair. She was so excited that we were picking out grown-up makeup just for her, she was hopping all over the place. It was adorable.

We did her hair and makeup outside the dance studio and walked in to have her portrait taken. They ended up super cute, so our back up portraits have become THE ballet portrait. I’m so excited for her to come to the end of her first year of ballet, the very beginning of the ballet chapter in her life and I hope that she continues to enjoy ballet as much as she does now.


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