The Knowledge We Take For Granted

Elle had a rough morning today because she didn’t go straight to bed after we tucked her in, woke up late, and then was rushed around all morning. Every thing was cause for a dramatic melt down and while I sincerely empathized with her, I lost my patience because I was going to be late to my Monday morning meeting.

Once we were in the car and on our way, things settled down, I apologized to my sweet little girl, she calmed down a bit and focused on her vTech Reader. We arrived at daycare and she hopped out of the car, book in hand, completely engrossed. She stood at the entrance to her daycare and got frustrated once again. This time it was because she couldn’t see the pictures on the screen because it was so bright outside. This melted my heart. It’s the kind of thing that us grown-ups take for granted, the knowledge that trying to view any LCD screen in broad daylight is nearly impossible without sunglasses or some sort of shade.

It’s these little things that just make me fall more and more in love with this little person. Does it ever stop? I feel like I learn so many new things about her or a new piece of her personality comes out on a weekly basis. I can’t even imagine how fascinating my children will be to me when they are able to converse with one another.


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