Illnesses Abound

I got a stomach bug and started showing symptoms of it Saturday night (4/9). It was not fun to say the least. I was soothing Rhett back to sleep when the urge to vomit rushed over me. I set him down on the bed, he started crying and ran into the bathroom. I called for Ted to help soothe the baby as my body was in the process of expelling my dinner from earlier that day.

Fast forward to Tuesday night (4/12), the kids and I arrived home after work and daycare. We went through our normal routine of bathing, and feeding Elle dinner or a snack depending on how much she ate at daycare. I also usually give Rhett a small dinner, but we didn’t even make it that far before he started vomiting all over his bedroom. He ended up vomiting six times in three hours. 😦 Poor baby.

Wednesday I stayed home with both children. I kept Elle out of daycare in case she was carrying the bug also. I didn’t want anyone at daycare to get it because it’s not been fun. Rhett and Elle did well the whole day stomach-wise. Rhett got crankier as the day progressed and I noticed that his lips looked chapped. I was worried that it was because he was dehydrated since he wasn’t eating very well (and I don’t blame him because I didn’t eat a full meal until about the third day after started vomiting).

As the afternoon wore on, I noticed the spots on his lips were turning white and my spirits immediately sunk. He has thrush. Ted took him to the doctor the next day (4/14) since it was already too late in the day to get him to the doctor. Luckily, I had the medication we needed to start treating the thrush.

This poor family has been through so much this year already with the illnesses and doctor visits. Ever since we got out the of the hospital from Rhett’s attack, we’ve seen our pediatrician at least once a week. Elle saw her about a week before Rhett this time around because she had a sinus infection. I’ll be glad when we are all illness free. πŸ™‚


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