Lots to Report

Rhett started crawling in the last week (3/7/11). He isn’t crawling on all fours, but he is definitely mobile. He’s doing the army low crawl, but he is surprisingly good at it. He can get pretty much anywhere he wants. I watched him crawl all across the living room floor today. From the entertainment center to the couch, in the play room, in his room, in my room. It’s amazing how quickly children master these skills.

Yesterday (3/12/11) morning he waved bye with both hands and said “bah bah.” So “bye bye” is officially his first word. He has been babbling like crazy lately so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more words follow soon. Elle’s first word was mama around seven months of age. It’s funny how very different their first words are.

Friday night (3/11/11) after my company’s awards banquet was the first time that he ever reach his arms out for me. Ted and I came to pick up the children from Travis and Amber’s and he was totally happy with Amber’s mom, Brenda, but when he saw me he started crying and reaching. Talk about getting a ton of sympathy from mommy when he wasn’t even unhappy in the first place.

Elle has decided that she wants “to be a fashion designer when [she] grow[s] up.” This came about because I commented on how creative she is when it comes to dressing her dolls and making clothes for them out of paper. She also reinvents belts into necklaces or headbands. I said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you became a fashion designer.” Then she said,”Uh huh! I want to be a fashion designed when I grow up!” Then she ran to her daddy and exclaimed that she was going to be a fashion designer.” It’s too bad her name is already a name brand of clothing. 🙂

Elle had her first sleep over (1/23/11) at her cousins’ house. Amber said she did really well. She got a little sad but was a big girl. Elle was supposed to have another sleep over with them 3/11/11, but ended up calling us crying. 😦 It broke my heart that she was so sad.

I found out that I am officially allergic to dogs. My shingles were successfully treated and no one else in the house contracted it.

Ted is making a job move soon and we are praying that it’s the right move for us.

We are still working on selling the house. :\


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