Thursday I took the day off so we could go to the rodeo. Elle loves seeing all the livestock and this year she rode a bunch of the carnival rides by herself. She also really enjoyed the fun houses even though she still refuses to go down the slide at the end.

Elle Ans I rode the ferris wheel together. During the first rotation, she crouched next to me and said, “I’m a little scared.” I told her that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her and she was able to enjoy the rest of the ride.

Rhett was such a good boy during the whole time we were out at the rodeo. As we approached the carnival area, he sat straight up, grabbed the front of the stiller and was soaking it all in. He didn’t care to sit back and relax; he wanted to be part of the action. πŸ™‚

I love our yearly rodeo day. It’s given us some pretty good memories.


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