Over the past year or so, Ted and I have talked about getting a dog. We visited pet stores, tested out a few puppies with Elle, and just couldn’t find the right fit. Then recently, for some reason or another, I searched Craigslist for pets and came across one titled “AKC Black Lab” and an indication that it had a picture. I clicked on it and read about Gunner and saw his picture; he was such a cute dog!

I contacted his owner, Heather, right away and we corresponded for the next four days before the family finally met Gunner. Ted and I loaded the kids into the Jeep after I arrived home from work on Friday and we all set out to meet Gunner. He was very well-behaved and good with Heather’s 5 month-old little girl. He’s a purebred, black lab, somewhat small for his breed, and 20 months old. He’s already housebroken, crate trained, and walks well on a leash. I later found out that Heather was giving him up because she is moving to North Carolina in January and moving into an apartment.

Heather dropped Gunner off at our house on Saturday. Elle loves him and enjoys running around the house with him. She also enjoys giving him treats. We are looking forward to having him in our lives and also to the kids growing up with him.


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