Reflections on Motherhood

A friend shared this video with me and I totally teared up on the “He will get sick and you will stay up all night watching him breathe.” The things we do as mothers… I honestly never knew love the way I do with my children. I gave up the years when most of my friends were still bar-hopping and buying the latest fashions to have the most wonderful gift ever, my little girl. That little girl is now 3.5 years old and the sassiest thing on the planet, but no matter how sassy she gets I absolutely love her and it melts my heart when she tells me she loves me out of the blue. Now I have a little boy whose smiles can turn a horrible day into the best day ever.

This video, sponsored by, asks women to go back in time and give themselves advice they wished they’d had before motherhood. The top five nuggets of advice I would give myself are

  1. Your heart is always capable of more love.
  2. Your husband will be your best friend, biggest supporter, and the best help ever.
  3. The love that grows during those middle of the night feedings is well worth the sleep deprivation.
  4. The first time your child tells you “I love you Mommy” out of the blue, you will cry.
  5. Enjoy every moment because they really do grow up too fast.

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