Rhett’s First Fever

Rhett came down with his first fever on October 1st. I came home from work and greeted the whole family. When it came time to hold Rhett, poor baby was burning up. Ted said he had slept a lot of the day. I took his temperature almost a full 24 hours later and it was 101.2 and I know I took his temperature when it wasn’t at its worst. 😦

Elle’s nose has been running like crazy and she felt a little warm on Sunday (October 3). On Monday morning, Elle looked terrible. Her eyes were droopy, her nose was red and runny. I took both kids to my parents’ house to avoid getting the other kids at daycare sick.

I have felt pretty bad for two days now, the worst of it was Tuesday so far. So it seems as if the whole family, except Ted, has gotten a cold or has some pretty bad allergies.


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