Making Ends Meet

Well, we’ve hit a pretty substantial financial set back with the newest addition. We spent well over $800 on cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and special detergent to wash said diapers. In the end it really is worth (and I have to continually remind myself) because we will have saved twice that in the diaper department by the time Rhett is potty trained. So that on top of our health insurance deductible and our increased daycare expense, we have pretty much maxed out our cash.

It’s been stressful coming to the realization that we cannot continue to live as we used to with two kids (at least not in the first several months when there are a lot of up-front costs), but the bright side is that the money issue is something that brings Ted and me closer. When we have something we are both working toward, we work much better together and are able to be more supportive of one another. So really it is a blessing in disguise. Honestly, I didn’t know how much more of Ted I could stand until the money crisis happened; I say that with sincerity and a hint of humor. We definitely know how to push each others buttons. The good thing is we’ve been through hard times together before (before Elle was born) so we know what needs to be done to stay afloat. Since the housing market dropped in early 2007, it’s been really tough.

It has been so much fun having both kids in our lives. I know that I have enjoyed seeing Elle blossom into a a verbally expressive child with a great vocabulary and even greater passion for making every effort to get her point across. She has definitely grown into her big sister role and is so in love with her baby brother. She is loving ballet and has a new 4 year-old friend at daycare so life is great for Elle. Jennifer says that when they all go on walks at daycare, Elle and her new friend are always holding hands.

Rhett, on the other hand, is definitely becoming more fun as he yearns for attention, coos, and smiles a lot more. He gets bored easily so the days of sitting him in a bouncer to get some housework done are few and far between. He now insists on being with you almost constantly. The sling has proven to be invaluable in this area. Rhett is such a sweet baby. In the mornings he is full of huge, beaming smiles and coos.

It’s amazing how different two children can be. I remember having to rock Elle to sleep until she was deep in REM sleep before being able to put her down in her bed. Even then, you had to cross your fingers that she wouldn’t wake up the moment you set her down. Rhett, however, makes life much easier. You can set him down when he’s tired and a little fussy, cover him with a blankie and snuggle a corner of it onto his cheek, put a pacifier in his mouth, and he’ll close his eyes and go to sleep.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. I know it. The Jetta will be paid off in December, Ted’s writing contracts left and right (he wrote two in August! and that’s awesome because his price-point is much higher now), in about a year we should finally be completely out of credit card debt, and then we can let the savings really take off after that (I hope!).


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