Back to Work

So I’m back at work. Today was my first day and I thought about both Rhett and Elle ALL day long. I miss both of them so much when I’m at work.

Rhett went to my parents’ house where he’ll be for the next three weeks. After three weeks, he’ll join Elle at her daycare. According to my parents, Rhett did great. He didn’t have any crying fits, he ate pretty well, and slept most of the day.

It’s a challenge getting out of the house in time to drop him off and make it to work, but we’re working on it. I also have to leave work early to make it to my parents’ house, pick Rhett up, load up the Jeep with all his belongings, drive to Elle’s daycare, pick her up, load both kids back into the Jeep, and then drive about 30 minutes in traffic to get home.

I really cannot wait for this house to sell so we can be closer to where we live our daily lives. Living on this side of town is really starting to get ridiculous, even more so in 100 degree weather.


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