Ballet, Funnies, and an Umbilical Cord

Saturday morning, the kiddos and I loaded up in the Jeep and drove to a local dance studio to register Elle for ballet. We got to take a look around the studio and meet her ballet teacher. Elle has been looking forward to starting ballet since NOVEMBER of last year. Sweet little girl has been so patient and has been telling everyone we know that she’s going to ballet school in August.

I was feeling very under-the-weather Friday evening and all day Saturday. I had flu-like symptoms and a slight fever of 101.6. After we registered Elle, we went to my parents’ house so that they could watch the children while I caught up on sleep. After six hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep (only three – two feedings and Elle joined me for a nap), I woke up and took an Advil. I started sweating like crazy shortly after because my fever broke and I felt much better. It’s amazing what a little sleep can do for you. I have a feeling I have a plugged duct though.

Elle had a blast on Sunday. She was invited to Landa Park by Grandma and Coco for the Keller Williams company picnic that I couldn’t attend because the baby is still too little to be around that many people and it’s a pretty long drive from our house. I picked her up from their house Sunday evening and Ted met us at my parents’ house after work. We loaded up the car to leave and came back to say our goodbyes while Grandma was holding Rhett. Then we told Elle to say goodbye to Grandma and Coco and her first response was, “I need baby Rhett. I need the baby with me. Come on. Give him to me. Come on.” Ted and I could not contain our laughter! She was so insistent on Grandma handing the baby over to her so that he could come home with us. I guess she thought that since Grandma was still holding Rhett and we were saying our goodbyes that we were leaving him there.

On the way home from dinner Sunday night, Elle was in the backseat playing with her princesses when she started laughing to herself. I asked her what was so funny and she replied, “I’m laughing at my email.” Then added shortly after, “I’m laughing at my phone.” She had picked this up listening to me and was now copying me. I could not stop laughing and had to call Ted, who was in his car, immediately to have someone to laugh about this with. Elle has been exceptionally funny lately. I’m definitely glad to have this change as she was mostly only difficult since Rhett’s birth.

Today was a busy day for me. I took Rhett to the pediatrician because his umbilical cord still has not fallen off! Elle’s was gone within a week or two and we are now going on four weeks with Rhett. They applied some sort of chemical to help aid the process, but we still have to continue with the alcohol swabs. It breaks my heart to use the alcohol wipes on him because although all the articles I read say the baby doesn’t feel it, I know he does because he braces himself for it each time and cries in pain when I applied the swab. 😦 The base of the umbilical cord is starting to bleed and it lies very deep within his belly button. The doctor said that he’s going to have an innie. I just hope it falls off soon so I don’t have to continue prolonging his pain with each diaper change.

I also got the oil changed, car washed, and purchased the items that Elle will need for ballet: a leotard, tights, a snood (holds her hair in a bun), a dance bag and…her first pair of ballet slippers. It seriously brings a tear to my eye that she’s growing up into a little girl. I cannot wait until Ted gets home this evening so that we can show her her first ever ballet slippers. We are getting it on video so keep an eye out for that soon! πŸ™‚

Also, the cloth diapers are holding up well! I’m waiting for another shipment to arrive so that we can start using them regularly. Right now I’m just testing them out to see how they’re working and they’re doing great! I’m very excited about trying this out and never having to buy diapers again.


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