Two-Week Check-Ups

Rhett and I both had check-ups today. Rhett’s appointment was to make sure he was putting on weight and boy, did he ever! The pediatrician came into the examining room saying in disbelief, “You must be making Häagen Dazs milk!” She went on to say that they generally like to see infants put on about one ounce each day and in 13 days, little Rhett added on 23oz! We are so glad that he is doing well and growing, growing, growing.

My check-up was just to see how the incision is healing. It looks like everything is going great and I’ve been instructed to not exercise and such for another four weeks.

We went to Target and got a couple more items for Rhett’s room: a little green lamp for his dresser for middle of the night visits and a CD player for music.


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