So some things about not being pregnant anymore:

  • I have completely forgotten what it felt like to be pregnant because I didn’t feel pregnant until the last couple of weeks.
  • I have officially lost 20 of the 28 pounds I gained with this pregnancy. I hope to lose the last 8 pounds and more within the next couple of months. I am very much determined to get back to my weight and level of fitness I was at before I got pregnant with Elle.
  • I still can’t sleep comfortably on my stomach because I’m breastfeeding so I am looking forward to the day I can sleep on my stomach.
  • I have had19 staples and 21 steri-strips removed from the incision and survived!
  • The recovery has been a thousand time much easier than it was with Elle, but I’m pretty sure I’m still over-doing it on the housework and other things.
  • Having Elle AND Rhett around is more than one heart can handle. It’s amazing how much love we are capable of giving.

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