Getting Back to Normal

…and whatever that means for us. 🙂

We have gradually been getting back to a regular schedule. Ted went back to work this past Saturday and today Elle went back to daycare. I must say it is quite lonely (and quiet) without that little bundle of energy, especially with as much as Rhett still sleeps. She is having a blast at daycare and according to Ted was so excited about seeing all her friends again. He said she walked through the door and shouted, “Baby Rhett came out of my mommy’s tummy!!”

It’ll be just Rhett and me for the next few weeks until I go back to work. Once that happens, he will be joining Elle at daycare where I know Jennifer will take great care of him as she has taken great care of Elle since she was 9 months old. She is totally a part of their family.

My first weekend experience with the kids by myself was pretty tiring to say the least. Saturday we attempted to get out of the house and were successful although it took me a grand total of two hours and ten minutes to do it. Between getting myself ready, getting Elle ready, timing Rhett’s feeding to maximize our time out, it was a lot of work. Sunday we decided to take it easy and stay home. Uncle B and Brittney came over to visit and Elle had a blast playing with them. Surprisingly, I got Elle to take her first full nap since Rhett was born. It just so happened to coincide with one of Rhett’s naps so lucky me got to catch a few minutes of sleep!

This morning – totally sleep deprived from two, one-hour-long middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, and breastfeeding equipment washing – I woke up at 7:15 to help get Elle ready for Ted so that he could get ready for work. I’m dreading the first morning that we both go into work on a Monday. It’s definitely going to take a few practice runs.

In other news, Ted and I are on a space maximizing kick. We are talking about disassembling our bed frame and replacing it with the original bed frame that Ted had. The platform around our current bed frame is taking up a lot of space and is still causing some ugly shin bruises. Ted also wants to get a few other pieces of furniture out of the master bedroom and we are selling the dining room table to fund the purchase of an entertainment center that would hide all the books and DVDs that Elle owns. This is the piece:

We’re looking forward to all the changes!


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