Rhett’s Room

We spent the majority of today assembling furniture; arranging furniture; and putting clothes, burp cloths, receiving blankets, bibs, etc away in his new chest. Ted assembled the crib without any instructions because we had thrown them away after we put it together the first time for Elle. Pretty impressive if you ask me, especially if I’m willing to put Rhett in it. 🙂  I assembled the new furniture from IKEA (with amazing instructions): the chest and the storage unit.

We have found that the two rooms we have changed up – the dining room and Rhett’s room, which were both rarely used – have the most natural light so we’re excited that we are putting those rooms to use now. I would have to say the cutest thing about having Rhett’s room now is that Elle drags her little step stool from the bathroom into Rhett’s room, places it right up to the crib, and steps up on it just to get a little peek at him.


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