Welcome Rhett Thomas

We have been very busy since the birth of Rhett Thomas. Here’s a recap of the last few days.

Tuesday, July 6th
Rhett Thomas is born at 12:55pm weighing in at 6lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches long. Nancy went to a regular doctor appointment where the doctor told her that the baby would be delivered today because there was not very much amniotic fluid left and cord injury was possible. Everything happened so quickly. The appointment was for 9:45am and just over three hours later, Rhett was delivered. We had lots of visitors this day all ready to shower baby Rhett with love.

Wednesday, July 7th
Ted and Elle went home the night Rhett was born and Nancy’s mom stayed at the hospital to help. Ted and Elle returned in the morning and Elle was very excited to see her baby brother. Nancy let Elle sit in her hospital bed and hold Rhett; this was a very proud moment for Elle. Nancy got her first solid food meal at lunch time; her last real meal was Monday night.

Thursday, July 8th
Nancy’s sister stayed at the hospital with her the second night and was a tremendous help. By the second day Nancy’s pain had significantly subsided and she was able to get out of bed, walk around, and shower. Nancy enjoyed a little alone time to herself for most of the morning and poor Rhett was taken around lunch time for his circumcision. It was such a traumatic event he slept for about eight hours and would not wake for anything to nurse. Growing concerned, Nancy contacted the nursery several times throughout the eight hour period and was told that it was normal for baby boys to sleep for a long time after a circumcision. Ted and Elle stayed at the hospital for the last night of Nancy’s stay.

Friday, July 9th
The entire Higgs family was discharged from the hospital after Nancy’s staples were removed – 19 in all – and steristrips were placed on the incision. Ted loaded up the vehicle and brought in the car seat. We were ready to get home and get settled with our newest addition. We left the hospital around 4:45pm and managed to somehow make it home in little Friday rush-hour traffic. It was great being home and Elle had wanted nothing more than to bring Mommy and Rhett home with her as she had mentioned several times over the four days in the hospital.

Saturday, July 10th
We had an early morning follow-up doctor appointment for Rhett where we found out that he now weighed 6lbs 6oz. We weren’t too concerned about this as Rhett had definitely picked up on the nursing over the last few days although it is still difficult keeping his up during his feedings. A nurse pricked his heel to collect more blood for the bilirubin (jaundice) test which came back normal. The Higgs spent the remainder of the day catching up on sleep and relaxing at home. We were lucky to have Ted’s mom come over in the evening with LOADS of groceries from CostCo for us.

Sunday, July 11th
Ted went into work on this day to write a contract. Go Ted! So to help Nancy out while Ted was away, Nancy’s parents came over to make lunch, keep her company, and play with Elle. The minute Elle woke up and saw her Coco (grandpa), she took him to her room, closed the door, and played with him for HOURS. Each time that Nancy went to check on her, she would say, “Close the door please. I just want to play with Coco.” Luckily, Coco was saved (for a little while at least) when Nancy’s best friend, Fawn, and her daughter, Tangerine, came over to visit also.

It was really nice having the house full of family and friends. Nancy lost out on some sleep and ended up falling asleep while company was still over. She was trying to get Elle down for her nap not long after Ted got home and ended up falling asleep herself.

Monday, July 12th
Another day of catching up on sleep for Ted and Nancy. We took a very short walk outside to get some fresh air late in the afternoon. Our neighbors, who also happened to be outside, surprised us with several gifts for Rhett – diapers, two outfits, and a carseat toy. Ted and Elle stayed out for a while so Elle could play with Chloe; she came back in the house wearing Chloe’s Snow White dress (which she let her borrow) and with RED cheeks from running around in the hot July afternoon sun.

Daric came over and helped Ted move furniture around so that we could start setting up Rhett’s room. It was no easy task either. Ted and Daric moved the heavy solid wood dining room table and chairs into the garage and then moved the treadmill and couch out of Rhett’s room into the old dining room.

Tuesday, July 13th
Rhett is one week old today! His circumcision is healing well and although we can probably stop using the Neosporin, we choose to continue just in case and for his sake anyway. Rhett is eating like a champ. Nancy uses an app on her phone to track nursing, sleeping, and of course all the times he goes potty. In one twenty-hour period, Nancy nurse Rhett for 4 hours and 50 minutes! Talk about a full time job!

Ted was a busy bee today cleaning the garage; mowing and edging the lawn; and doing a little grocery shopping. Nancy is voluntarily off of one of her pain medications, which is a big change from the first c-section recovery where she had to call for her doctor to authorize a refill on her pain medication. Nancy is able to move around much more and much easier which makes for more productive days, but sleep is still something she tries to catch up on.

We will probably start setting up Rhett’s room tomorrow, pictures will follow as we complete it. 🙂 Lots of love to everyone.


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