The Waiting Game

So I just decided with all the changes going on in our lives, that we would try to maintain a more detailed log of our monthly events through a blog website rather than in snippets through our Cozi site. So here’s today’s updates:

Last night I was up pretty late reading up on labor, contractions, and Braxton Hicks. After getting disappointing news from my doctor on Thursday that baby might reach the 8lb mark and that she might not want me to go past 39 weeks, meaning I will HAVE to have a c-section before my body can even try to go into labor, I was getting discouraged. I definitely do not want another c-section simply because of my first experience with it.

So with those thoughts on my mind, I was on the Internet just looking at my usual web pages and looking into a birthday gift for my best friend’s little girl’s birthday in August when my belly started clenching up really tight. It was so tight the entire thing felt like a rock. I was in awe at first, then the firmness went away so I continued my regular activities. Then the clenching happened again.

I started to wonder if the baby was just stretching out as far as he could and that was what was making my belly so tight or if I was having a contraction. I noticed the tightness radiated from the pelvic area up to the top of my belly, but there was no pain associated with this. With this in mind, I searched for “what do contractions feel like” in Google, read a few of the first articles and then search for “what does braxton hicks feel like.” I read a few of these articles as well and I’m convinced it’s Braxton Hicks because I don’t feel very much pain at all.

The clenching and loosening kept occurring the entire time I was awake; I didn’t keep track of how often or how much time passed between each spurt. I downed almost a liter of water thinking maybe I was cramping because I was dehydrated. The only thing the water did for me was make me wake up twice in the middle of the night for a potty break.

Today has been a pretty relaxing one with Elle and I have noticed that I am getting the same clenching and tightening feeling again and it’s happening pretty often. Again, I have not been keeping track of how often or how long. However, I am feeling a little more comfort in the fact that there is some sort of activity going on in there. Who knows, maybe we won’t even make it to the due date. I would be very thankful for that!


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