The night we we left for vacation in June, Elle wet her bed. She did fine while we were on vacation, but the first night we were back at home, she wet her bed again in the middle of the night. She had also had an accident just a few days before out vacation so Ted and I were worried about the number of accidents she was having after never having any in the months she’s been potty trained.

So after the third bed-wetting incident, we bribed her. We told her that if she woke up ten mornings without wetting the bed, we would take her to Toys R Us and buy her one toy. She has been slowly collecting all the Strawberry Shortcake toys from Toys R Us and they are her newest obsession since the miniature Disney princesses with rubber dresses.

This evening after Ted got home, we all loaded up in the Jeep and drove to Toys R Us. Elle knew exactly what she wanted and we went straight to the Strawberry Shortcake section of the store. She had been saying she wanted the Strawberry Shortcake with the water slide, but when we got there, she saw the Strawberry Shortcake house and opted for it instead.

She spent the entire ride home quietly staring at all the little pieces in the box. In the end it felt like a win-win because Ted and I get ten consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep and Elle got a new toy she’s been wanting, one that will keep her busy for hours.


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